June 05, 2014 - 3:18:10 posted by Sean Gill

Pension Systems State by State

Public pension systems continue to be in the news as cities and states struggle to figure out how they can keep their promises to teachers and other public employees.  Read More»

June 04, 2014 - 7:02:13 posted by Jacob Waters

The Need for Charter School Accountability

Across the country, high performing public charter schools are making a difference for kids. Empowered by autonomy, these schools employ innovative, instructional techniques, classroom technology, and out-of-school supports to meet their students’ needs—and, in many cases, help them beat the odds. Read More»

Topics: Charter Schools

June 02, 2014 - 12:21:11 posted by Halli Bayer

Parents and Researchers Agree – Illinois Has Awesome School Report Cards

Sometimes education wonks are so removed from what they're studying that they can lose sight of the things that matter most to teachers, parents, and students.  Read More»

Topics: Researchers

May 28, 2014 - 12:25:02 posted by Eric Lerum

New Research on Components of Teacher Evaluations

Two interesting studies were released in the past couple of weeks that look at implementation of teacher evaluation models and expose a few challenges that districts and states will need to address as they refine these new systems.  Read More»

Topics: Teacher Quality, Teacher Evaluation, Teachers

May 16, 2014 - 2:18:53 posted by Eric Lerum

In Pursuit of Brown

Lots of folks are reflecting on the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education.  Read More»

Topics: Students

May 15, 2014 - 12:47:45 posted by Angelia Dickens

Fulfilling the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education

May 17th marks the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the seminal U.S. Supreme Court case that held that deliberate segregation in our public schools was unconstitutional. Read More»

Topics: Diversity

May 12, 2014 - 6:15:53 posted by Jacob Waters

Does Teachers’ Union Leadership Really Support the Common Core?

As we recently discussed in this space, teachers’ union leadership has retreated from its once enthusiastic support for the Common Core State Standards. Though they still claim to be pro-Common Core, leaders at the national and local levels quickly pass the buck when the inevitable implementation challenges arise. Read More»

Topics: Common Core

May 11, 2014 - 12:23:17 posted by Michelle Rhee and Ximena Hartsock

A Mother’s Day Wish Given to Us by Victoria Hurley

"All moms want for Mother’s Day is a good education for their babies." Read More»

May 09, 2014 - 4:06:35 posted by Morgan Sanders

The Importance of Appreciating Teachers

At StudentsFirst, we work hard throughout the year to pass policies that help teachers. I work with teachers every day, engaging them in education reform advocacy efforts. This work is extremely important. Read More»

Topics: Teachers

May 09, 2014 - 6:30:24 posted by Tiphani Davis and Callie McDonald

Thank You, Mrs. Evans

My eighth grade year I had the pleasure of having some pretty amazing teachers, more specifically, my English and Reading teachers.  Read More»

Topics: Teachers

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