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June 18, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

About Those Vergara Naysayers…

The most interesting thing about Vergara v. California may not be the decision itself, but the reactions to it. Read More»

May 28, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

New Research on Components of Teacher Evaluations

Two interesting studies were released in the past couple of weeks that look at implementation of teacher evaluation models and expose a few challenges that districts and states will need to address as they refine these new systems.  Read More»

May 16, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

In Pursuit of Brown

Lots of folks are reflecting on the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education.  Read More»

May 08, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

Celebrating National Charter Schools Week

It’s National Charter Schools Week and I’ve been thinking a lot about why I support charter schools.  Read More»

April 25, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

The Teacher Unions Beat a Hasty Retreat on Common Core

When states began adopting the Common Core State Standards in 2010, the country’s teachers’ unions came out in full-throated support.  Read More»

March 04, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

How Does Our State Policy Report Card Measure Up?

Over the past number of years, several education reporting and advocacy organizations have contributed to the growing education policy debate by releasing national reports. But what do these reports show? And how can they be a resource for policymakers and education leaders?  Read More»

January 14, 2014 posted by Eric Lerum

Introducing our 2014 State Policy Report Card

I feel like that camel in the car insurance commercial, going around asking everyone, “Guess what day it is!?!” It’s Policy Report Card day!  Read More»

December 18, 2013 posted by Eric Lerum

TUDA Results Demonstrate Urgent Need for Reform

Today the National Council on Education Statistics released results from the Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA).  Read More»

November 07, 2013 posted by Eric Lerum

What We Should Learn from the 2013 NAEP Results

The 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results provide some of the strongest evidence yet that investment in student-centered education reforms improves student achievement. Read More»

October 17, 2013 posted by Eric Lerum

New Study Shows Teacher Evaluations in D.C. Are Working

Every child deserves a great teacher. That’s why our schools need policies that support teachers’ development, keep our best teachers in the classroom, and counsel consistently ineffective teachers out of the classroom. Read More»