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August 07, 2013 posted by Pam Witmer

Positive News for Tennessee

The results are in, and Tennessee has several reasons to celebrate the progress students are making in the Achievement School District (ASD). Read More»

July 12, 2013 posted by Pam Witmer

Governance Change in Action

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute released a brief -- Redefining the School District in Tennessee -- that tells the Tennessee Achievement School District's story and highlights some of its early challenges and successes. Read More»

April 04, 2013 posted by Pam Witmer

In Georgia, teachers, principals AND kids won

What two people in every school have the greatest impact on a child’s education? Teachers and principals. Read More»

March 06, 2013 posted by Pam Witmer

Alabama Challenges the Status Quo

In a stunning example of how political will trumps protecting the status quo, Alabama legislators rejected business as usual by passing HB 84.  Read More»