Ed Reform in Michigan

June 29, 2011 posted by StudentsFirst

The education reform movement is keeping a close eye on the Michigan Senate. The legislative body is following up on House action and is scheduled to vote tomorrow on measures that would dramatically improve schools in Michigan. If you live in Michigan, urge your lawmakers to put Students first.

Being debated is an end to last in, first out teacher layoffs that ignore a teacher's performance when budget shortfalls lead to staff reductions. Great teachers are essential to student progress, and we have to keep the best ones on the job.

Lawmakers are also considering whether to give principals and teachers more authority over school staffing decisions, rather than leaving critical hiring decisions in the hands of a district's central office. Tenure reform also is being debated.

Earlier this month, the Michigan House passed a series of similar education reforms.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signaled his support for these kind of changes. The need for them is apparent when you consider the statistics. Only about a third of Michigan's fourth-graders scored proficient on the National Assessment for Educational Progress reading test, according to the most recent data available. The problems start in the early grades, but they don't end there. Seventy-eight Michigan high schools were listed as "dropout factories" by Johns Hopkins University's Everyone Graduates Center.

Can't we do better for our kids?

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