“Mrs. Vicki Comstock, my senior year creative writing teacher…”

January 27, 2012 posted by StudentsFirst

This week, we asked members to write about the teacher or experience that inspired their six word essay and post it to our Facebook page. We were absolutely amazed by the over 350 heartfelt comments that truly captured the tremendous impact teachers have on the lives of their students. We thought you’d like to read some below. Then, post your own comment about who or what inspired your essay and join the conversation!

Marlene Estep-Ebaben: My essay was inspired by the many Hispanic students that I taught in South Texas. Some were very poor. The children of the families, unable to afford winter coats for all, would share a jacket. I had to learn that parent-teacher conferences could take place not only at school, but supermarkets, mechanic shops, and yes, bars. If a teacher cannot have empathy, then, how can she/he be prepared for the learning needs of the students.

PattyAnn Gonzalez MacKay: My teacher is an amazing woman named Reeshemah Davis. She taught me I was strong. <--- That is my essay. I never knew until she showed me it was true!

Sophia Couzo: Many teachers have inspired me but the one that set the direction for the rest of my life is Mrs. Amy Keller from Bay Meadows Elem. She has since passed but will always remain the greatest inspiration in my life.

Michelle Dawn: Mrs. Vicki Comstock, my senior year Creative Writing teacher, was not only my teacher, she was one of my closest friends. I knew if I ever had a problem, whether it was school or life related, I could talk to her. Went to her house frequently, could call her collect any time I needed to talk, and her daughter even gave me her old prom dress, purse, jewelry, and shoes because my family couldn't afford to get me those things for my seniorprom.

Julia Vogt: My essay was inspired by my english 9 teacher, Mr. Neden, who taught us everything he knew, but was always ready to learn from us as well. I think that truly makes a wonderful teacher.

Michelle Hanna Gagne: My inspiration continues to be one of my former students who challenged me to be my best by (at times) showing me his worst. He continues to challenge me in this same way, even though he is a young adult now. I want him to know that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM.... EVER.

John Wiser: My essay was inspired by a special person in my life. We stayed in touch throughout the majority of my academic career. We have lost touch, but her passion for educating children and young adults motivated me to learn and apply myself in everything that I do. Thank YOU Betty Crowe! I Love YOU!

Antonia Drew Vann: My six words were inspired by my teacher, Dr. Osi Mensah Aborampah.

Marisa Kaplan: My high school jazz teacher who was the perfect combination of love and fear:) We knew he loved us but we feared what would happen if we became lazy and didn't practice. The perfect balance!

Gail Outlaw: My essay was inspired by Mrs. Bartholomey, my third grade teacher. She realized that I was left handed, got my handwriting to the point where you could read it, inspired me to write and convinced me that I wasn't as stupid and uncoordinated as everyone, including me, thought I was.

Teddy Lausier Sr.: I am inspired everyday by all of my students. I want them to transform into better people than I will ever be, I want them to go off into this world and make a difference, I truly want them to be their very best at what ever they do. I never take my job for granted and I want my students to realize that this is a journey, not a destination, so have fun and enjoy the ride.

Octavia Plesnik: My High School Religion Teacher, who told me never to take anything at face value, read it, study it, learn it, then interpret it & relate it to you!!!

Benj Hall: My poem "I understood, now you do too" was from a science teacher that explained to me that all knowledge was handed down, from one person to another. He was emphasizing that all we are came from someone else and their understanding of the world. Mr Sienbeld made me aware that We are all born upon the shoulders of those that came before us, and those teachers that help us to understand. "I understood, now you do too."

Diana Cabrera: My inspiration was my French teacher. She taught me for two years and she was the best teacher I ever had. What I loved about her was that she was one of the few teachers that understood that each student is unique and learns in different ways. She always looked for the way that each student learned so everyone could have a fun learning experience.

Anthony Pacatang: All of my teachers.

Adam Perlstein: The teacher who inspired my essay is my wife, Aimee Perlstein. A teacher for over 13 years, she has been recognized as Teacher of the Year for her district and has also taken the role of administrator on many occasions that the principal is absent and also has taken on several student teachers as their mentor. All this on top of a caring attitude toward all her students over many years. She puts in countless hours behind the scenes to keep on top of a stringent workload.

Larissa B Parecki: My 6 word essay: "Freedom to learn; freedom to rise," was inspired by my 6th grade teacher Mr. Mario Guerrero in Selma, CA. I was a transfer student and different from most of the kids in my class. He embraced those differences, such as being Jewish, and made full lesson plans out of aspects of the Jewish culture so that the other kids in the class found me interesting, rather than an outcast. He had such a passion for what he did. He took us on an overnight field trip to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge so we could have a hands on experience of what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War. He also took us to Malibu to the original J. Paul Getty Museum so we could see what Greek & Roman art really looked like. He was an amazing teacher, and he made me feel extremely special during a time when I was so afraid of not having an identity.

Vasco Pires: There were three Teachers who have inspired me to write my 6 word essay, Mr Earl Mills, my 4th grade gym teacher and High School Coach, My 6th grade teacher Mrs. Douthart, and my High School Art Teacher, all have made it possible for me to strive to live up to their expectations of me. Having become a teacher myself, I have been even more inspired by the students I have had over the years who have expressed sincere appreciation and respect for me as a teacher. Students are true test of a teacher's value.

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