National Survey Shows Strong Support for Common Core Implementation

March 14, 2014 posted by Rae Shih

Today, Achieve, Inc. released the results of its national survey on attitudes towards the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and aligned assessments. Achieve, an independent education nonprofit, helped to develop the standards in conjunction with the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association.

What did the study find?

That voters, when given a brief description, overwhelmingly supported or strongly supported Common Core standards and assessment implementation. This was true for men and women, the young and old, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.

While positive polling for Common Core isn’t new, we know that now, more than ever, focused Common Core implementation is of critical importance to students and teachers.

Unfortunately, ideology, not content, seems to be threatening Common Core implementation, despite the fact that higher standards can lead to better results for kids. We’ve seen legislation in a few of our active states targeting Common Core by proposing less rigorous alternatives or prohibiting the use of high-achieving states’ standards as a model. Recently, a contentious bill banning Common Core standards in Georgia failed in the House after a diverse group of representatives from state colleges, technology firms, parent associations, the Georgia chamber of commerce, military groups, school boards, and teacher associations led a public outcry against it.

This new study helps us to see the truth - the American people support teachers and principals who, by implementing the Common Core, are empowering their students with the critical thinking skills they need for the 21st Century.

Figure 1 from Achieve, Inc.

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