One Million Strong

January 06, 2012 posted by Sharra Weasler

Sharra Weasler is a former high school science teacher and is Manager of Internet Engagement for StudentsFirst.

Alexandra, New York City teacher, StudentsFirst's 1 Millionth Member
Alexandra, StudentFirst's
1 Millionth Member

We have great news - StudentsFirst has hit the 1 million member mark!  One million teachers, parents, students and concerned citizens who are united toward one goal:  ensuring a quality education for every student. 

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Alexandra, a teacher in New York City helped us reach this important milestone by being our 1 millionth member.  When we contacted Alexandra to find out why she joined our movement, she had this to say:

"I joined the Students First movement because I believe the first step to improving our school system is to ensure that all students are taught by the very best teachers. As a new teacher I know I have a long way to go, but I would trade tenure any day if it guaranteed that every child was given the best education. I am hoping LIFO can be overturned, and that we can truly put students first."

We know that too many kids in the United States do not have the basic skills they need to succeed and that our students are falling behind their international peers.  We also know that there is extreme pressure to stick with the status quo – a status quo that is failing our kids. 

The only way to force transformative change is from the bottom up -- and change is possible.  In 2011, StudentsFirst members rallied together to advocate for new policies that put student interests first with great success.  We passed over 50 new policies in 7 states, including an end to LIFO, the antiquated policy Alexandra described.  This policy still exists in New York and elsewhere and mandates that teacher layoffs, when necessary, be based solely on seniority, without any regard for teacher effectiveness.

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We can’t wait to see what one million of us (and counting) can accomplish in 2012.

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