Parent unions - a new voice in the debate

March 07, 2012 posted by Ximena Hartsock

Parent unions are cropping up throughout the country as a way for parents to have an organized voice regarding education policy decision-making. This week, EdWeek reports on the trend in "Parent Unions' Seek to Join Policy Debates".

From EdWeek:

Whether they're organizing events, buttonholing legislators, or simply trading ideas and information, a growing number of "parent unions" are attempting to stake out a place in policy debates over education in states and districts, amid a crowded field of actors and advocates.

StudentsFirst is working closely with the Connecticut Parents Union to support reforms this year such as establishing meaningful teacher evaluations, reforming teacher tenure, and providing parents with more quality school options.

The EdWeek article highlights Gwendolyn Samuel, founder of the Connecticut Parent Union:

"I knew that parents needed more say about schools," said Gwendolyn Samuel, the founder of the Connecticut Parents Union, which grew out of an effort to enact a so-called "parent trigger" law in that state.

"Otherwise, we were beholden to everyone else's decisions," she said. "We're more at the table than we ever were before."

Read the full article here.

Sign up to attend the rally hosted by the Connecticut Parents Union and featuring Michelle Rhee as a speaker on Wednesday, March 14th, 3:00pm at the State Capitol: http://www.studentsfirst.org/blog-ct-education-rally-march-14