President Obama, Governor Romney, don’t forget education

August 15, 2012 posted by Michelle Rhee

If you care about education, today is the day to let the presidential candidates know that.

The College Board launched its “Don’t Forget Ed” rally on Twitter and Facebook today. To participate, all you have to do is tweet a message to the candidates about the importance of education using the hash tag #dontforgeted.

With the Republican and Democratic conventions around the corner, this is the perfect time to make your voices heard.

The rally follows an event that the College Board staged in June with an eye-catching installation of 857 desks on the National Mall, highlighting the number of students who drop out every hour of every day. And today, the Board placed fake hundred-dollar bills near the Stock Exchange in New York to symbolize the $1.5 billion annually that a Columbia University researcher estimates would be added to the economy by reducing the nation’s dropout rate by a mere 1 percent.

Every year, more than 1 million students fail to graduate on time with their peers. Low-income and minority students are particularly at risk of dropping out. What’s more, as a country overall, we’re performing poorly when compared to other industrialized nations. The U.S. ranks 25th out of 34 developed nations in math. Our kids rank 17th and 14th in science and reading respectively.

We can all agree that we ought to be doing far better than that. But to truly transform our schools so they educate all our kids at high levels, we need to make this a national priority. Please take part in today’s rally, and let the candidates know how critical education is to you and our country.

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