January 07, 2013 posted by Eric Lerum

The StudentsFirst Policy and Fiscal Strategy teams are proud to present our very own blog: thinkED. This blog will provide research-based, common sense solutions for transforming public education, while serving as a forum to diverse perspectives on education reform. We plan to engage in constructive discussions, analyze education studies, and provide commentary on education news. We hope you're ready. 

First, find out if your state made the grade. Check out the roadmap to a student-centered policy environment by visiting http://reportcard.studentsfirst.org. The StudentsFirst Policy and Fiscal Strategy teams evaluated state education polices based on a rigorous rubric using an A-F letter grading scale. We provided original analysis of state code, regulations, and implementation practices in evaluating each state’s reform environment. We believe that there’s no shortage of effective and innovative educators in this country. The problem is they’re forced to operate in unwieldy bureaucratic school systems with antiquated rules and regulations that prevent great educators from doing what’s best for our kids. StudentsFirst advocates for removing policy barriers and implementing workable, common sense approaches on the state-level. These important policy changes will ensure bold education leaders can reform or replace ineffective and inefficient systems that do not serve students in order to raise student achievement. 

Second, tell your legislators to read your state's report card and encourage them to make necessary policy changes

Third, be sure to tune-in here for the live-stream of the presentation of the StudentsFirst State Policy Report Card on a panel co-hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute  in Washington, D.C., set to air tomorrow at 10am EST. This event will illuminate multiple approaches to systemic reform in education and promote future reform discussions in state legislatures across the country. I hope you'll join us.

Eric Lerum is the Vice President of National Policy. Follow him on Twitter @ericlerum.

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