Under Spending, Overspending or Misspending?

April 18, 2012 posted by StudentsFirst

Earlier this month, Michelle Rhee spoke at TEDx Wall Street about the state of public education spending. She talked about the disturbing fact that while education spending has tripled over the last 4 decades, student achievement has stayed flat. Michelle discusses the inefficiencies in our public education spending -- due in large part to bureaucratic regulations and archaic policies – and proposes solutions to make sure that resources are put toward programs that help students learn.

Highlights include:

There is a large discrepancy between what people think we’re spending on education and what we actually are spending on education.

Over the last 4 decades we have more than tripled our spending on education, yet our student achievement levels have stayed flat.

Currently, institutions and bureaucracy determine how money is spent. Principals, teachers and others who know what is needed to improve student learning should determine how money is spent.

View a video of Michelle’s live presentation…

View the presentation yourself: Michelle Rhee's presentation to TedX Wall Street