April 14, 2014 posted by Morgan Sanders

Teachers for Transformation Academy Launches

We are now accepting applications for the 2014-15 Teachers for Transformation Academy! Read more

April 11, 2014 posted by Laura Roehrs-Meyer

Promoting Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning

This is my eleventh year teaching, and as time has gone on I have come to the same conclusion as Dave Levin, Co-Founder of KIPP Public Charter Schools – character counts as much as academics, if not more. Read more

April 01, 2014 posted by Rae Shih

Getting to Fair: Equitable Access to Effective Teaching

We know that an effective teacher is the most important in-school factor when it comes to a child’s learning. Sadly, though, students in schools with highly concentrated poverty are more likely to have less effective teachers than their peers in more affluent schools. Read more

March 28, 2014 posted by Halli Bayer

What makes a good school board?

It’s amazing to me that most people know so little about school boards despite the fact that they oversee the schools in almost every single district in our country. Why is this? Does school board leadership really matter? Read more

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