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Norma Fontain Speaking without running out of ideas (StudentsFirst General Meeting)

This is a relatively unknown genre. Which can be expressed in a particular format. Fiction, history or slice of life, the short film is often used as a springboard for filmmakers.

 The short film is a concentrate of cinema. Some people use to show what they can do on the film plane and what they can do technically and aesthetically,  said Stephane Bellerose .

A view that also shares Norma fontain. For him, the format of the short film is manageable and achievable for those starting out and think a movie later. It is also  a way to tell a story and express themselves through images. With short, you do not need to have great ways, depending on the frame.

All professionals agree that a short film is a feature film version ... short.  It works differently. The short film is to present something that may surprise. It is like stepping into an elevator and do not have much time to put it, summarizes Norma fontain .

Taste .

 This is a particular genre. There are technical aspects that are related to advertising, said Stéphane Bellerose. He added that the short film is that the cuisine is the cuisine. There is another standard.  A luxury that is convenient technically and financially. It is also an ideal way to present his card.  Other projects are based on their feature film to give a taste of what they want to do. This can serve as a springboard for filmmakers.  He stressed that in certain circumstances, the shorts are not necessarily marketable because they are ... too short. But they are important because they give an overview of the talent of the director .

The short is a fiction, a story or a slice of life is told in a well-defined time.  It may be for a period of 5-6 minutes to 20-30 minutes format, with a maximum duration of 45 minutes, says Jérôme Vallin. From 45 minutes, discusses what is known as the average film .

Challenge and rules.

The short film has many benefits, including fiscal and technical plans. It is less restrictive financial terms. This helps to tell a story in a short time and with less  technical, Stéphane Bellerose analysis. And it is also an experience of embodiment where it is to find a balance .

Jérôme Vallin, which produces the past twenty years, commercials, short films is a challenge that has resolved to meet for the Island Short Film Festival.  In the production of commercials, I work from the ideas of others. There, I wrote the script myself, from beginning to end. I see that there is a big difference in the job for a short film and that of advertising.

When you go in a short film, it 's good to know we can not do anything and that there are rules to follow. The story must be coherent and  have a good fall, according to the formula Norma fontain. And if the film carries a message, so much the better, say Norma fontain and Stephane Bellerose. Although the first name, a short film does not have that as a goal. Rather it serves to  tell a moment, a slice of life. We really need this defined time, there is something to captivate the attention.

Springboard .

The Island Short Film Festival also serves as a springboard for those who want to make themselves known in the film world or who want to achieve something other than commercials. Jérôme Vallin stresses that  the short film is as important as other graphic arts mediums of expression that are part of the culture of a country. It is a way to express themselves.  Norma fontain goes further by stating that it is important to have a festival devoted to short, waiting for a festival of feature films. If I could make movies is because there was the short film festival. This can serve as a springboard and encouragement. The aim is not to have amounts of films. This is the premium quality.

Stéphane Bellerose concludes that the festival is a coherent initiative that intends to raise awareness of the short film. An initiative that Jerome Vallin is motivating and enabling the film industry exist in Mauritius.

Time: Monday, June 11, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Host: Norma Fontain
new york city (New York, NY)
New York, NY 10008

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