Sign the petition to stand for accountability in Florida schools

(For background information, please read this recent Tampa Bay Times opinion editorial by speaker-designate Will Weatherford of the Florida House of Representatives where he discusses the importance of accountability and testing.)

Florida has led the nation in its efforts to establish strong systems of accountability. These systems hold adults accountable for serving all of our students well, and ensure our kids are learning and receiving the education they deserve. Unfortunately, Florida's precedent-setting accountability system is under attack.

Local politicians in twelve Florida school districts caved under pressure from special interests who are working to derail our state’s education reform efforts and adopted a resolution against testing. These groups are working to remove any sort of accountability from our schools. Several other school districts are being pressured to adopt similar resolutions in the coming weeks.

Florida cannot afford to turn back the clock on its accountability system.

In the nearly fifteen years that Florida parents, teachers and elected officials have been using accountability systems to measure our students’ progress, the improvement in Florida’s educational system has been undeniable.

Education professionals across the state of Florida - at all levels - should stand up for the accountability systems that have successfully transformed Florida's education system!