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StudentsFirst Announces Support for NACSA “One Million Lives” Campaign

Holding Every School Accountable Is Key to Student Success


Sacramento, CA – StudentsFirst announced today its support of The National Association of Charter School Authorizers' (NACSA) "One Million Lives" campaign. The new campaign seeks to promote accountability and thus quality in the charter school sector that will put one million more children into 3,000 high-performing schools over the next five years.

"If we are going to really help kids succeed, every school entrusted with public money - whether district, public charter or private - must be held accountable to the families they serve and the taxpayer for high standards and achievement," said Michelle Rhee, CEO and Founder of StudentsFirst. "For charter schools to be successful, and to provide parents with meaningful choice, we need to promote better authorizer practices and stronger state policies to achieve a higher quality of charter schools and, at the same time, set clear protocols for closing chronically failing schools. The One Million Lives advocacy campaign is a model program to improve charter school accountability practices."

As part of its policy agenda, StudentsFirst has actively been an advocate of strengthening state law surrounding charter school accountability practices. In a system with high accountability standards for charter schools, it is necessary that state laws establish a framework that allows authorizers to hold charter schools accountable for their fiscal health, governance, compliance with federal laws, and their students' performance, proficiency, and growth.

About StudentsFirst

StudentsFirst is a bipartisan grassroots movement of more than 1 million members nationwide, working to focus our education system on what's best for students. Today, too many of America's children are not getting the quality education they need and deserve. StudentsFirst is helping to change that with common sense reforms that help make sure all students have great schools and great teachers. We are working to ensure educators are valued for the critical role they play in kids' lives, families have high-quality school choices and a real say in their child's education, and our tax dollars are spent wisely on what works for kids. Launched by former Washington D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee in December 2010, StudentsFirst has successfully helped pass more than 70 student-centered policies in 17 states, and our movement continues to grow. For more information visit www.studentsfirst.org.

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