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April 8, 2014 via Montgomery Advertiser

Letters to the Editor: Education reform not a partisan issue

Divisive and political rhetoric will not help improve Alabama’s schools. Unfortunately, this sort of dispirited attack was evident in a letter to the Montgomery Advertiser on April 4. Full article

September 18, 2013 via al.com

A Real Conversation About Education (Cameron Smith)

Last week, I spent Thursday night at a Teacher Town Hall hosted by StudentsFirst and the Alabama Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO). Full article

September 18, 2013 via YellowHammer

AEA boss’s behavior at town hall shows how out of touch he is with Alabama educators

Some of America’s leading education reform advocates hosted a town hall meeting in Birmingham last week that was promoted as an opportunity for Alabamians to come together and discuss ideas to improve our state’s education system. Full article

September 12, 2013 via al.com

Four things you may not know about education reformer Michelle Rhee, who is in Birmingham tonight

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Education reformer Michelle Rhee will meet tonight with Alabama teachers in Birmingham as part of a series of town hall meetings for what she calls a "direct, honest discussion" with educators about ways to improve student achievement. Full article

September 12, 2013 via al.com

Michelle Rhee on AEA protest outside town hall meeting…

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A teacher town hall meeting tonight hosted by controversial education reformer Michelle Rhee had more teachers outside the building protesting than actually participating in the discussion. Full article

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January 27, 2014 posted by Duncan Kirkwood

National School Choice Week in Alabama

Last Friday, the National School Choice Week whistle-stop tour made its way to Birmingham. Read more

January 14, 2014 posted by Charlotte Meadows

AL Report Card shows improvements

Alabama had a memorable year for education in 2013. On the policy front, our leaders put kids first by adopting measures to better inform parents on the quality of their schools and empower families trapped in failing schools with real choice. These meaningful reforms have brought our state closer to developing a policy environment that will cultivate student learning for all kids. Read more

April 8, 2013 posted by Andy Solon

Problems in education with “Last in, first out” (LIFO) in Alabama could be solved with SB 227

One particular area of concern is “reduction in force” or “layoff” policies in school systems around the state. The dominant practice is commonly referred to “last in, first out,” or “LIFO.” Under this policy, the least senior teachers are laid off during difficult budget times, regardless of how well they educate kids. Read more

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