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Great teachers and great leaders matter.

Every day, teachers across the nation work tirelessly to help students succeed in school and beyond. All too often, their commitment to our children goes unnoticed. If we want Indiana’s schools to be centers of excellence, we must elevate the status of the teaching profession and give our educators the support, recognition, and respect they deserve. With this goal in sight, Hoosier lawmakers passed legislation in 2011 that shines a spotlight on great teaching and rewards excellent instruction.


June 27, 2014 via IndyStar

Glenda Ritz plays politics on federal waiver

The lack of transparency demonstrated at the State Board of Education meeting Monday was shocking. At a time when local control over $200 million is at stake, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz continues to play politics and dodge questions about her plans to maintain Indiana's federal waiver. Full article

June 27, 2014 via NWI.com

Across the country, students and teachers are celebrating. In his decision in Vergara v. California

There is enough confusion in education right now to make any teacher or student’s head spin. Under the leadership of Superintendent Glenda Ritz, the Indiana Department of Education has failed to properly manage our state’s No Child Left Behind waiver. This oversight, or lack thereof, could potentially cost our schools hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding, as well as the flexibility the waiver provides. Full article

June 19, 2014 via WZDM 92.1

Ashley Gibson Named as Education Director

(Indianapolis, IN)– Former area resident Ashley Gibson has been named as State Director of the group Students First. Gibson moves to the leadership position after serving as a key education consultant to Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Full article

June 13, 2014 via Chalk Beat Indiana

California ruling prompts reflection about Indiana’s teacher protections

The preliminary ruling in the lawsuit Vergara v. California strikes down a slate of that state’s laws around teacher tenure and firing. The judge in the case, Rolf Treu, said data showing that poor and non-white students in California are more often taught by low-performing teachers convinced him that the laws violate the state’s constitution. The distribution of teacher quality “shocks the conscience,” Treu said in his ruling. Full article

March 11, 2014 via IndyStar

Tully: Don’t write off students just because they’re poor

There I was Tuesday morning, scrolling through the comments below a column my colleague Tim Swarens wrote about school testing and the unfortunate remarks made recently in Indianapolis by education historian/education-reform critic Diane Ravitch. Full article

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February 27, 2014 posted by Brent Kent

New Education Agency Brings Stakeholders Together

House Republicans were correct to support the creation of The Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI). Read more

August 20, 2013 posted by Brent Kent

Why Recent Layoffs Won’t Turn Gary Schools Around

Following years of declining enrollment and a budget deficit, Gary Community School Corporation recently announced the layoff of 95 teachers, or 14% of the district’s staff. In accordance with the teachers’ union contract, these layoffs will be determined based solely on seniority, not effectiveness. Read more

August 6, 2013 posted by George Parker

I believe our kids deserve better.

We have much work to do to ensure that black children in Indiana get a fair shot at a great education. Read more

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