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April 3, 2014 via MinnPost

Statewide teacher evaluations won’t be delayed after all

Wednesday morning, the state Senate E-12 Division, the committee that deals with education finance issues, voted to amend a controversial bill that would have delayed statewide implementation of teacher evaluations. Full article

March 23, 2014 via StarTribune

Basic-skills exam for teachers remains despite efforts to scrap it

Legislative efforts to repeal a controversial test for Minnesota’s aspiring teachers have all but sputtered out this year, but questions linger about whether the exam presents unfair challenges to teachers of color and those whose native language is not English. Full article

March 20, 2014 via MinnPost

Beyond bullying bill, legislators likely to play it safe on education issues

A month ago as the 2014 legislative session was being gaveled open, the Capitol Soothsayer, aka Parents United Executive Director Mary Cecconi, ventured a prediction. Full article

March 13, 2014 via StarTribune

Eliminate antiquated teacher-tenure provisions

Here’s what can happen when seniority alone drives teacher staffing decisions when layoffs occur: A dynamic teacher of the year, selected by peers, can find herself out of work. Educators who connect well with students because of their new-media skills could be laid off. Full article

February 12, 2014 via HometownSource.com

Joe Nathan Column: Informed urgency needed to help improve schools

Joe Nathan column – Two of the nation’s most intriguing and one of the nation’s most controversial school reform advocates spoke in Minnesota last week. The conference, convened by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, opened with sobering statistics. Full article

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March 6, 2014 posted by Veronica Chapel

The Urgency for Education Reform in Minnesota

As highlighted by the 2014 Minnesota Education Summit, a persistent achievement gap has impacted Minnesota’s students for too long. Read more

November 13, 2013 posted by Veronica Chapel

How One Veteran Continues to Make a Difference for Her Community

As we recognize all veterans and active duty military for their service, the best way to honor them is to remember what they fought for. I was privileged to serve my state and country as part of the Minnesota Army National Guard. Read more

July 26, 2013 posted by Kathy Saltzman

2013 Legislative Session Recap

The 2013 legislative session is adjourned and with it comes the opportunity to thank those legislators and StudentsFirst members who worked to support education policies that put the best interests of students at the center of decision making. As a result of their leadership and advocacy, we saw some progress made in advancing policies that move Minnesota in the right direction when is comes to challenging the status quo and putting students first. Read more

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