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Every student in Pennsylvania deserves to be taught by excellent teachers. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania state law requires that certain school staffing decisions, like layoffs, be based solely on seniority—not teacher effectiveness. This outdated practice guarantees that some of our best teachers are let go, simply because they have fewer years in the classroom. We should ensure that the best teachers—whether new or experienced—are protected.


Furthermore, teachers currently receive tenure after just three years in the classroom. School leaders should have more time and be able to consider teacher evaluations before granting tenure to ensure that only the best teachers receive it.


We can elevate the teaching profession by updating these outdated laws if we act now!



April 13, 2014 via Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Student achievement rewarding for Pittsburgh teaching teams

Forty-three educators in Pittsburgh Public Schools have reaped two kinds of rewards: Their students are doing better than expected, and the educators are getting bonuses of as much as $11,000 as a result. Full article

April 9, 2014 via philly.com

SRC urges Supreme Court to act soon

The Philadelphia School Reform Commission told the state Supreme Court on Monday it's important for the court to rule quickly on whether the commission has the power to impose work rule changes for teachers next fall. Full article

April 8, 2014 via LancasterOnline.com

Pennsylvania Dept. of Ed. won’t add new Keystone Exams

The state isn't planning additional Keystone Exams for high school students, according to the Acting Secretary of Education. Full article

April 3, 2014 via philly.com

Time to stop seniority-based teacher staffing

SUPERINTENDENT Hite recently made a bold announcement: Principals in the School District of Philadelphia would no longer have to use seniority as the sole factor in staffing decisions. School leaders will be empowered to manage their workforce in a way that makes sense for their students. Full article

April 3, 2014 via Pennsylvania Independent

Ending teacher seniority rules beyond Philly requires legislative action

PHILADELPHIA — The School District of Philadelphia has extraordinary power to suspend seniority rules. Full article

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April 16, 2014 posted by Joe Tommarello

Representing the students

When I decided to run for school board in my local district, I was 18 years old, fresh out of high school and wanted to do what I saw wasn’t being done: representing students. Read more

April 14, 2014 posted by Robbe Bendick

The Message is Clear

Today, we released a second video as part of our campaign to educate Pennsylvanians about how Pennsylvania law fails to protect excellent teachers. This video highlights stories from people like you about how these outdated policies have affected them. Read more

April 9, 2014 posted by Torri Green

Students and teachers lose out with LIFO policies

For years, Pennsylvania has used seniority to decide which teachers to retain during tough economic times. While good teachers tend to lose jobs due to the fact that they are less senior, students are often the ones that lose the most, as they are negatively impacted by this quality-blind system. Read more

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