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Every student in Pennsylvania deserves to be taught by excellent teachers. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania state law requires that certain school staffing decisions, like layoffs, be based solely on seniority—not teacher effectiveness. This outdated practice guarantees that some of our best teachers are let go, simply because they have fewer years in the classroom. We should ensure that the best teachers—whether new or experienced—are protected.


Furthermore, teachers currently receive tenure after just three years in the classroom. School leaders should have more time and be able to consider teacher evaluations before granting tenure to ensure that only the best teachers receive it.


We can elevate the teaching profession by updating these outdated laws if we act now!



July 24, 2014 via PennLive

Reforming Pa. public school funding ‘herculean’ task for new commission, members say

A commission tasked with coming up with a recommendation for overhauling the funding system that provides key state support to Pennsylvania's public schools is now operational. Full article

July 23, 2014 via Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh school board sets priorities for superintendent

The board of Pittsburgh Public Schools tonight set four performance priorities for Superintendent Linda Lane for 2014-15. Full article

June 30, 2014 via 90.5 WESA

Legislation to Change Keystone Exam Requirements

Passing the Keystone Exams might never become a requirement to graduate from high school in Pennsylvania. The State Senate Education Committee has approved legislation that would leave it up to school districts to determine the effects of not passing the exam. Full article

June 27, 2014 via Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Consider the students during teacher layoffs

There is much discussion and activism happening around a teacher effectiveness bill (House Bill 1722) that recently was voted out of the state House Education Committee. Full article

June 26, 2014 via The Notebook

Pa. Supreme Court declines to rule on District’s move to impose work rules

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has declined to rule on whether the School Reform Commission has the absolute right to unilaterally impose work rules on the teachers' union in the absence of a contract. Full article

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June 25, 2014 posted by Jessica Phelan

Why I Teach

My experience teaching in urban communities has shown me the importance of having excellent teachers in every classroom. Over the years, teaching has become much more than my job or my career. It has become my mission to do whatever it takes to provide my students with the best education possible. Read more

June 19, 2014 posted by Matt Verber

Students and Teachers Both Win in California Ruling

In Vergara v. California, Judge Rolf Treu applied the principles of Brown v. Board of Education and other landmark education cases to the quality of the educational experience in California. He found that California’s tenure, dismissal, and seniority laws violated students’ fundamental right to education. Read more

June 11, 2014 posted by John Batoha


Sitting in an ornate balcony overlooking the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I may have been as far as possible from the tiny, overcrowded bungalow in northeastern Los Angeles where I’d spent the last two years teaching science to high school students. Read more

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