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May 7, 2014 via The Tennessean

Overhaul of TN’s education funding formula could be in store

Tennessee's top education official wants a more uniform structure to decide how state education dollars are divided up among public school districts — but what that would look like is still unclear. Full article

April 18, 2014 via Watchdog.org

Academics, culture help mom choose private school

Marilyn Johnson couldn’t afford to put her son, Marshall, in a private school. She also said she couldn’t afford not to. Full article

April 11, 2014 via Heartland

Tennessee Considers Parent Trigger Legislation

For several years, Tennessee parents and bipartisan legislators have worked to pass a Parent Trigger law to let families require reforms within low-performing schools by signing a petition. Full article

March 28, 2014 via The Tennessean

School vouchers put kids’ needs first

For many years I opposed school vouchers, also known as opportunity scholarships. Now I strongly support legislative efforts in Tennessee to give parents this powerful tool to improve their child’s education. Full article

March 14, 2014 via Tri-State Defender

Memphis parent backs HB190 and the value of school choice

There are few things more important to me than the quality of my children's schools. After all, I know that a great education is crucial to their success as adults. Full article

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July 3, 2014 posted by Daniel Zavala

Tennessee is a State Where Results Speak Louder than Rhetoric

Under the bold leadership of Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman, Tennessee's students and teachers have led the nation in their hard work and impressive academic improvements. Read more

June 6, 2014

The Tennessee Education Association is Arguing Against Themselves

The following are excerpts from a recent interview that aired on Nashville Public Radio with former Tennessee Education Association (TEA) President Gera Summerford. Speaking for her organization, Summerford explains the Tennessee Education Association’s position on a number of important education policies, including testing and charter schools. We were surprised by some of her comments, and our play-by-play analysis is below. Read more

May 7, 2014 posted by Dr. Dayciaa Smith

Mrs. Highnote: A Teacher of a Lifetime

When I reflect on teachers who especially influenced me during my youth, Mrs. Highnote is one of the first to come to mind. Read more

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